NotificationIdDateTitleNotificationDescView AmendmentView Detail
D7DAE94434054D8792B9D010A704EF4B02/08/2019Maternity Leave for Contingency WorkersMaternity Leave for Contingency Workers
FC98D5B58EAB4848AED36DAA8530181223/07/2019Maternity Leave Rules (Draft Notification) 2019Maternity Leave Rules (Draft Notification) 2019
D4EA4079463E49A9AB0ACBF8F9034EC024/05/2019Appointment of APIO in Chief Secretary OfficeAppointment of APIO in Chief Secretary Office
A0068524BBA44BDE919F362F7701852D25/03/2019One Time Relaxation of ageOne Time Relaxation of age
F475A70070C2475FAEA9F245BF469EB409/01/2019Appointment of PIO and FAA to the Chief Secretary GoAPAppointment of PIO and FAA to the Chief Secretary GoAP

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